Core SME is very proud and lucky to help bring an idea and vision to reality. Some of our exciting projects currently coming to fruition.

Intelligent parking revolutionising the way consumers interact with councils in Australia and globally.

A new innovative and automated technology that users artificial intelligence that not only revolutionises city parking but a platform that delivers many complementary services to the end user taking the hassle and inconvenience out of everything related to your vehicle.

ParkChilli is a platform that addresses issues for both the council the end user and works alongside brands who are building autonomous vehicles of the future.

ParkChilli will move outdated parking solutions into the cold, bringing 21st Century technology to the forefront of parking.

Core SME is responsible for the architecture, build and project management.

From paddock to plate.

Committed to supplying our global customers with the best possible meat whether it`s bulk product for export to the finest cuts of Wagyu.

Happy livestock means tastier, leaner meat. That’s why we only work with farmers who care deeply about the welfare of their stock and wont compromise on quality.

Core SME is responsible for the IT build, supply chain integration and business management.

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