Solar and Battery Solutions

Energy bills are already sky high and the future is uncertain. If you own your building, we can save you even more on your energy costs by installing a bespoke designed and engineered solar solution.


Through Core SME you can source solar, design, battery storage, monitor our service, from the one provider, fully supported, with one simple monthly investment.

  • Save money on electricity bills immediately
  • Get a return on the investment between one and three years (depending on the size of the installation)
  • If your business is just over the large-meter threshold, supplementing with your own solar energy could get you under the threshold again and back on to a network bundled tariff, saving money.
  • Install battery banks for home or business allowing you to store your excess solar energy utilising it when you need to and reducing you Electricity bill even further.

Core SME`s  energy saving experts will visit your business to discuss and analyse your current and predicted electricity spend. We can look at your energy and voltage profile for analysis. Then we will prepare a preliminary investment case and present the financial benefits to your business.


Our engineers will visit your site/s, conduct a full load assessment of equipment, assess any physical constraints of the site, then design a system to maximise your financial returns. We will send through a more comprehensive proposal and specifications, outlining the technology and business potential.


One of Core SME`s approved installers will deliver and install your equipment, we will coordinate all projects from start to finish, including approvals, construction and training. We will ensure that installation is seamless to ensure there is little interruption to your business.


Core SME will continue to operate, maintain and monitor your systems. Three months after your installation, we will review your energy usage and provide a savings report to demonstrate that we have met your predicted savings.


Worried about financing your solar installation don`t be. Ask Core SME about financing the initial outlay at great rates.

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