Document Automation

Archiving is a necessity within any successful business, but a lack of productivity and a high frequency of errors can stem from improper methods of document storage. It depends how archiving is done, which will determine if it is a cost efficient process within your business or not.


Core SME Services offers an intelligent capture solution that automates document management processes such as digital archiving and provides a powerful, multi-purpose interface, which can plug into any document storage system you currently have in place.

Electronic filing carries less of the baggage associated with manual filing, yet, electronic filing could still be a much faster process for all those involved. The key to accelerating your electronic filing is to streamline your current processes all together. We have gone out of our way to ensure there is a seamless transfer of electronic data between your multi-function printer and online repository. Our archive plug-ins are designed with the user in mind, and focus on improving the user’s experience throughout the entire archival process.

“Core SME has dedicated specialists in this field.”

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