About Us

Core SME is a wholly owned Australian company employing a technically diverse team of experts. We are technology partners specialising in digital transformation.

Our strategies reduce operating costs, increase profits and streamline workflow through our custom software, managed services and value-added integration allowing you to work on your business not in it.

In our experience many business owners don’t know where to go or where to start finding services and systems to help with efficiencies and scale-ability. Core SME have a trusted team around us to help you do just that.

Core SME spends the time to understand your operating pain points, work with you to design a strategy that works and has the flexibility to provide a staged implementation reducing disruption to your businesses.

Our Strengths

  • Australian owned
  • Strong Industry relationships.
  • Collaborative team of specialists
  • Personalise service
  • On shore development

Our Values

  • Reliability – Be there for our customer
  • Quality – What we do, we do well
  • Teamwork – Helping each other to strengthen our business
  • Honesty and Integrity – Be real
  • Collaboration – leverage collective genius
  • Focus – On the customer and our business will grow

“By dealing with one company to provide a multi-level digital transformation strategy, we get to know your business better ensuring a tailored offering that suits you.”

Kelvin Wiggins, Founder & CEO

Kelvin’s MBA comes from the business school of hard knocks. A true entrepreneur, he has the kind of business knowledge you don’t get from a textbook. He’s worked in the corporate arena building SQL databases for British Telecom, Commonwealth Bank, and the New South Wales Police Force. Later building a career around sales and managing corporate clients in Australia.

Kelvin`s focus now is building start-ups. First, an environmental solutions business focusing on energy, water, and waste audits which transformed into an online electricity and gas brokering platform employing 200 people at any one time making 2000 sales per week.

Kelvin loves talking to other business owners and operators, finding out what they want to do and getting them on the right path.

ray pic 2

Ray Keogh, Founder & General Manager

Ray is an experienced operations manager for corporates and SMEs. He knows how to use his business planning, strategy and relationship management skills to bring the right people together to optimise business processes and lower operating costs. It’s something he’s done at the state, national and international level, but his passion is lean start-ups and small businesses for which ever dollar in revenue or cost-saving makes a difference.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits and
Streamline Workflow.

NSW  02 9133 8371      QLD   07 3607 3722      VIC   03 9133 8905