Only about 20% of businesses actively look at ways to reduce their largest operating expenditure – whether it`s staff, infrastructure, IT & telecommunications or energy costs.

The costs associated with managing multiple supplier arrangements is often overlooked and most business owners and managers don`t have time or knowledge to identify the best services or suppliers, or how to better manage the increasing cost of doing business.

Core SME will sit with you to understand your business, it`s needs and where you what to take it in the future. We will then bring the right team together to:


Once we understand your business needs Core SME will deliver a project plan tailored to your business. We will use our business know how to Quantify performance in areas such as I.T and business infrastructure, financial solutions and supplier contracts.

To Analyse workflow processes we work with and through you and your staff utilising business process improvement techniques and software to Visualise and map the current workflow process


Core SME takes a two-step approach which allows us to tailor a plan that best suites our client and allows us to segment ensuring a laser focus on each step.

Step 1

We will Identify quick savings through the analysis of supplier contracts, finance and business structures and arrange and negotiate new agreements and contracts where required.

Step 2

Through our workflow analysis we can identify the obstacles. Finding weak spots and bottle necks within the process. By comparing these against the desired outcomes as defined and set (our yardstick) during our initial consultations with management and staff we can start to define our future processes. These obstacles can be classified as policy, people, process and technology.

Now we can define the future processes by work shopping the redesign required to address the obstacles already identified. Prior to implementation we will have a new efficient process mapped out and agreed by all stakeholders.


Our two-step implementation program ensures our client is reducing operating costs as quickly as possible through our quick savings identification and allowing new workflow processes to be implemented at a time that best suites the business.

Step 1

Signing new supplier agreements for submission and instant savings.

Step 2

We will provide a strategy road mapping implementation of each process improvement. Outlining timing, the process itself, technology upgrades (if required) and stakeholder training. As part of the implementation process Core SME will rewrite policy and update process manuals.


Rather than hand our clients a process manual and hope for the best we stick by our clients providing an annual review. We help maintain these savings and efficiencies by measuring , monitoring and reporting.

  • Re-negotiate Supplier contracts
  • Are the processes implemented working as intended?
  • Are the business drivers still the same?
  • Do we need to review any new processes?

“Let Core SME strengthen your business through automation, digitization and reduced operating costs making industry disruptors your equals not your downfall.”

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