In this ever-changing business environment, Core SME streamline the process for organisations looking to make a digital transformation and capitalise on new business opportunities.

Core SME has corporate partnerships in place with industry associations and their members as well as Private Organisations in Real Estate.

Does your business have a clear digital strategy?  Considering IT is interwoven into the very fabric of most businesses, markets, and societies. New digital solutions offer an opportunity to improve how businesses compete and create a foundation for out-performing rivals near and far.

Reduce Operating Costs, Streamline Workflow, Increase Profits

We use our business knowledge and network of specialist partners to lower your operating costs while streamlining workflow and increase profits.

We do this utilising our two key services.

Specialised Software

Being your technology partner, we work with you to identify and integrate specialised software that will reduce operating costs and streamline workflow by digitally transforming your traditional paper-based operations.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our team will address and Quantify performance in areas such as I.T and business infrastructure, productivity, Supplier contracts, financial solutions and process work-flow. Once changes are identified and implemented operating costs reduce while productivity, ROI and tangible net worth increases.


Analyse your business infrastructure, supplier management, processes and workflow.


Identify Immediate savings (the low hanging fruit) and longer term inefficiencies.


Implement quick savings and strategies for longer term efficiencies.


Maintain these savings and efficiencies by measuring, monitoring and reporting.

Core SME, your technology partner. Digitally transforming your business with you in mind

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